1. Revolutionized My Life

    This has revolutionized my life. I started hormones 5 months ago. Everything is better. I sleep well. Hot flashes and night sweats are completely gone. I have more energy. My libido and vaginal dryness have improved. I feel my brain is sharper. I feel mentally balanced and not irritable. It’s really amazing! Thank you.

  2. Wouldn’t Stop It For Anything

    My best friend had been nagging me to get help. I finally did, after 2 years! Over a few months I became the person I used to be. I’m not depressed, irritable or moody. I sleep like a log and have no more night sweats. My mind is clear. I have energy to exercise. I never realized how much I had changed. I wouldn’t stop this for anything.

  3. BHRT Changed My Life

    Every time I went to my doctor and told him I was having difficulty sleeping, my libido was low, I was feeling tired and depressed, he told me it’s normal and I’m just getting old. Finally I found a doctor that told me yes, it’s normal – but we have solutions! She was so right! My life is so much better. I feel the way I did years ago. BHRT changed my life.

  4. Calmer and Happier

    I felt I was losing my mind, within a few weeks of starting BHRT I started to feel normal. I’m so glad I didn’t start the antidepressants my family doctor prescribed. My hot flashes went away within a week. It’s crazy how simple this was. I’m so much calmer and happier. I can’t thank my doctor enough.

  5. So Much Happier

    I knew something was wrong. No one was able to answer my question. I’m too young to feel the way I did. My doctor measured my hormones. I was not ovulating; my ovaries have aged more than my normal age. I started taking BHRT. Within weeks I felt so much happier, sexually normal, my acne is almost gone.

  6. Definite Imrpovement

    I’ve been using the bioidentical hormones for six months now. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my libido and my hot flashes have stopped. I’m sleeping through the night and no longer experiencing drastic mood swings. I feel balanced and so grateful!.

  7. Thank You For Your Help

    I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I have not felt this good in over a decade. I have a job that requires the utmost concentration as well as physical ability and your program has put me back to those top levels. My clarity and overall well-being is better than I can ever remember.

  8. Made Me A Believer

    I was having trouble getting and holding an erection and was skeptical about your therapy program. After 1 month in the program I am no longer having a problem. You made me a believer. The boost in my strength and stamina is an extra bonus. Thank you for everything.

  9. Feeling Better Than Normal

    Being in my late 50’s I started to feel the effects associated with aging and shared my concerns with my doctor. He told me it was normal for a man of my age and not to worry about it. I was unwilling to accept that and did some research. I discovered that science and medicine have come a long way. It is a well known fact that some celebrities have been on testosterone therapy for years. I have been on the program for 6 months. My strength and endurance have improved. I have better work outs at the gym and it has enhanced my sex life tremendously. My doctor may have thought I was normal but I was not feeling normal. Now I feel better than normal thanks to the men’s therapy program.

  10. Regained Confidence

    I just wanted to thank you for helping me. My wife died after a long marriage and I was all of a sudden single again. I have to admit that during the later years of marriage I experienced a loss of libido and a some sexual dysfunction but it didn’t seem to bother my wife. Being single and dating again was intimidating. I had lost my confidence around women. Thanks to your program I have regained my confidence and feel great. I am now dating a much younger woman and she has trouble keeping up with me!