Many athletes have heard about the numerous benefits of Sermorelin for bodybuilding. Human growth hormone for athletes and bodybuilders has ramped up fitness efforts, aided in recovery, and helped to build bigger, sleeker muscle mass. With bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT), you get the benefits of HGH injections, but in a safer form.

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a blend of amino acids that stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce HGH. We use SERMORELIN/GHRP2, which is widely used for BHRT treatments for athletes.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones for Athletes

Bodybuilders can greatly reap the benefits of Sermorelin.

  • After six months, they can see a 9% increase in muscle mass, even without exercise.
  • After six months, they can see a reduction of fat by up to 14%, even without changing their diet. Even cellulite will be reduced.
  • Increased energy boost, which increases athletic performance.
  • Stronger, denser bones
  • The anti-aging effects reduce wrinkles, giving an overall more youthful appearance

To learn more about the anti-aging benefits HGH has for the entire body, read our Anti-Aging page!

HGH Muscle Gain

When you take Sermorelin for bodybuilding, the HGH the body produces stimulates a number of effects on your muscles. As your muscle mass grows, the muscle tissue will work to metabolize fat in the body. As your fat is burned off, you’ll have more energy to perform at an even higher level than before.

But it doesn’t end there. When you’ve pushed yourself and have begun to climb to new levels of fitness, the HGH will greatly help in muscle recovery afterward. This hormone boosts immunity and healing, which means old injuries could see a reduction in pain and increased range of motion. If you experience new injuries, the HGH will speed up your healing time.

HGH is Beneficial for All Abilities

Sermorelin works for bodybuilders and newer athletes alike. Those who are embarking on a new journey of incorporating more exercise into their lives, or those who need a boost, will get the kick start they need to get the long-term effects they seek.

Look Great, Feel Amazing

You’ve read about the benefits of bioidentical hormones for the body, but it’s also wonderful for mental strength! Those who take it can experience:

  • A boost in libido (and higher testosterone levels for men)
  • Redevelopment of vital organs that shrink as they age, including the kidneys and heart
  • Boost in immunity
  • Lower blood pressure, even without medication
  • Reduction in cholesterol levels
  • Greater hair growth
  • Sharper memory
  • Improvement in overall mood

The Time to Act is Now

BioGenX Medical is ready to help you. Make an appointment with our clinic by calling or filling out the form below, and we can discuss your needs. Our program includes the administration of the Sermorelin, medications,  supplies, and unlimited doctor visits.

We offer a number of other therapies to complement your HGH program, including B12 LipoLean injections for weight loss, IV hydration therapy, Coolscupting, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), and laser hair removal.

Are you ready to get started on a healthier, leaner you? Contact BioGenX Medical to get started!

Feeling Great

I have been working out for a while and started using steroids. For about two weeks into a cycle I would feel great and my sex drive would be through the roof. But it would start to decrease throughout the cycle. I felt strong, but not when it came to sex. I wanted to know why. So I did some research and found answers. After doing blood test I found that my estrogen levels were very high and that was causing my sex drive to slack. Now that I am on the program I am feeling great in the gym and in the bedroom. The best part about it is that I am positive that meds I am getting are real because they come from a pharmacy and not some guys gym bag.


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